15 Best Early Childhood Educational Games on Android Phones

15 Best Early Childhood Educational Games on Android Phones – Not only aims to relieve fatigue or entertain the players. Some games that can be played on Android devices can also provide good education for children, adults and even children who are categorized as early childhood. For preschool children, Carisignal is now reviewing 15 educational games for preschool children that are suitable and appropriate for their age.

Early childhood educational games have the same function and purpose as math games or brain teaser games. The purpose of all these games is to make children feel happy to learn new things and of course it is adjusted to their age. So, what about the educational games for preschoolers on the Play Store? Read this article to the end, OK!

1. Baby Panda World

With a rating of 3+, Baby Panda World is a game suitable for children aged 8 and under. In this game kids can play any role they want, such as police, doctor, chef, pilot, and many more.

In this game there are also 100 fun areas for kids to explore! They can enjoy shopping in supermarkets or go to amusement parks which have many entertainment facilities.

If girls like to dress up, they can be a stylist and create a stylish look. Or if they like farming, they can raise livestock, and grow fruit and vegetables.

2. Kids Preschool Puzzles

Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids offers and develops a game where preschoolers can get to know animals, plants, and even other objects. Kids Preschool Puzzles, that’s the name given to the game that has been downloaded by more than 30,000 downloads on PlayStore.

This game will be very interesting for children, especially children who are just starting early childhood. Kids Preschool Puzzles presents a piece with a variety of colors to then be matched into a blank picture.

After the child has successfully matched everything, this early childhood educational game will automatically display the real image by embedding the name beside it in English. Enough to educate children to recognize colors as well as animals and others.

3. Baby Panda’s Supermarket

Baby Panda’s Supermarket can also be played by children aged 8 years and under, including PAUD children. In this game kids will help Little Panda shop at the supermarket. One of the goals is to develop good shopping habits by following a shopping list while shopping.

The features offered by Baby Panda’s Supermarket include 13 areas for exploration, more than 100 items to buy: cakes, juices and more, checking and cashier simulation for you to experience supermarket cashier work, etc.

4. Little Panda’s Restaurant

In this educational role-playing game, children will take on the role of a chef who cooks a variety of dishes. They can learn to run their own restaurant, introduce special dishes to diners, serve customer orders, and so on.

The menu depicted in the game includes more than 20 desserts and dishes from various cultures, including barbecue, spring rolls, chocolate cake, sandwiches, sushi, cheesecake, and more. Here, kids can show their cooking talent and make any dish they want.

The dishes in the game are also very easy to cook. Kids can choose any ingredients and cook in their own way. Slice, mix, boil, fry or grill with a simple touch.

5. Educational Games for Kids

Usually to educate early childhood you can show pictures, colors, or numbers. Well, now you don’t have to bother to really show all the pictures. You only need this one early childhood educational game and download it by clicking here.

Educational Games for Kids is the name of the game which has a concept where children can recognize the names of fruits, animals, letters, and even numbers easily. Not only does it provide convenience, its colorful appearance is also one of its advantages.

6. ABC Preschool Free

You can easily teach preschool children to memorize or recognize letters by embedding an early childhood educational game called ABC Preschool Free. Yes, as the name implies, this game made by the developer Sound House LLC presents games for preschool children.

The game is in the form of letter and number recognition. Not only that, even children can learn how to write letters and numbers directly on Android phones. If the child has a hobby of coloring or drawing, ABC Preschool Free is ready with coloring features. Complete and practical.

7. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

15 interesting and educational games have been installed into a game called Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games. This is also one of the early childhood educational games that can be the best choice for preschool age children. It’s not just about recognizing letters and numbers.

The reason is, Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games present games where children can recognize shapes such as triangles, rounds, squares, rectangles and other shapes. It’s not enough to stop there, Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games even provide features so that children can learn how to read the alphabet. Complete isn’t it?

8. ABC Kids

This early childhood educational game is here and brought in by the RV AppStudios developer. This game called ABC Kids has a concept and specializes in educating children to recognize letters only. There are no other concepts and that makes this game more focused on one topic.

Children will be facilitated in memorizing also recognize the letters. Not only that, the interface and interesting animated presentations are also designed so that children feel happy and also feel at home in learning letters. Don’t forget to also embed ABC Kids features for how to pronounce each letter that has been shown.

9. 384 Puzzles

Playing puzzles is one way that children can learn while playing. This is then used as a concept to make early childhood educational games. 384 Puzzles, takes a simple concept but is quite attractive to children. It’s not difficult and tends to be very fun for children.

384 Puzzles only asks children to arrange puzzle pieces and then arrange them into a blank picture. For example, there is a picture of a giraffe but only a blank. Well, on the side there are several pieces of giraffe images that must be arranged. Easy isn’t it?

10. Kids Educational Game 3 Free

Still about early childhood educational games, now Kids Educational Game 3 Free is taking part in being one of the games that is classified as educating early childhood children. In the game, children will be invited to recognize animal names, letters, and even memorize numbers.

The presentation given by Kids Educational Game 3 Free is also quite creative and interesting. Various animations that are very friendly to children are also embedded in this game which has earned more than 20,000 downloads.

Not only that, even children can listen to how to pronounce everything given by Kids Educational Game 3 Free. Want too?

11. Masha and the Bear
You know the cartoon character Masha and the bear? Well, this educational game was inspired by Masha’s character and made it a game to educate toddlers. Is a Masha and the Bear game where children can learn while playing. Moreover, Masha’s cute and adorable cartoon character is the child’s favorite choice.

In this game, your child doesn’t just play one game. Because, Masha and the Bear presents various types of games. What games, eh, I guess? Yes, children can play drawing, coloring, counting, compiling pictures, and much more. Fun for children and can educate children.

12. Piano Kids

Learning doesn’t just mean counting or drawing. You can also increase your child’s creativity through music. Well, if you want to teach children the basic notes in music, maybe you can download this Piano Kids game.

Why? In this Piano Kids game, children will be freed to press buttons like they are playing the piano. Also, each key is assigned a tone from do to do again. How, interested to download it?

13. Preschool Learning Games Kids

Playing while learning is certainly a fun thing that can be done by children. So, so that children feel comfortable learning, you can take advantage of the Preschool Learning Games Kids game where children will get education according to their age. Various variations of games are presented at Preschool Learning Games Kids.

For example, there is one game where players have to match the color with the number of balls. Indirectly, children will learn colors and also recognize numbers with fun things. Not only that game, you know, so what else?

14. Little’s Panda Shopping Mall

Little’s Panda Shopping Mall is a game that can be played by children up to 5 years old. In this game children can learn to shop wisely. More than 10 million Android users have downloaded this game to their cellphones.

Features include 4 floors and 8 shopping areas to explore, 14 characters and 4 pets to accompany you shopping, 37 types of clothes and accessories: sunglasses, princess dresses, rainbow bags and more.

15. Baby Panda’s Town: Life

In this game kids can play 6 different roles and experience different professions, such as fashion designer, farmer and architect. It could be one of them is their dream. Baby Panda’s Town: Life has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Play Store.

Kids can design 7 different clothing items including princess dresses, scarves and shoes. Or they can make 11 popular types of food: nori, ham sausage, french fries, and more. If they choose to play architect, they can build 8 types of architecture, such as schools, bridges, and more.

Well, that’s a collection of educational games for preschoolers, the best and the best version of Carisignal. So, you don’t have to bother bringing your children to preschool. The reason is, you can also teach children while playing one of them by playing the 15 games that have been mentioned. What do you think?

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