KNOW MORE ABOUT SIDIA’S CHILDREN EDUCATION APPLICATION  – The rapid development of technology today has led people to enter the digital world with many advanced technologies that are considered more practical and helpful. Technological developments also occur in the world of education. This is evidenced by the many educational applications, e-books, and e-learning that use gadgets and the internet a lot as learning media. One of the most widely used children’s educational applications is SIDIA. Do you know what SIDIA is?

Here are some explanations about SIDIA complete with an explanation of the various features and advantages it has:

Know more about what SIDIA is?

SIDIA stands for Arfadia Educational System produced by PT. Arfadia which is one of the leading companies engaged in Information Technology and Multimedia in Indonesia. SIDIA itself is a software (software) as a medium of educational learning. This children’s educational application is suitable for use by students of various ages, from elementary, junior high, to high school, which includes various subjects ranging from Mathematics, Indonesian, Science, Social Studies, PKN to Information Technology. With so much content that SIDIA has, it allows users to learn various subjects in one application. This is certainly more practical and can save time because as a user, you just have to change other subjects that you want to study next without the need to change textbooks.

In the world of modern education, the use of educational software is used to support teaching and learning activities in schools. With many choices of educational software, including SIDIA, which contains modules for various lessons at school, students have many choices of how to learn, apart from using textbooks that they have always done before. Not only helping the student learning process, this educational application is also very helpful for teachers. This SIDIA educational application can be used as teaching material or as a reference for subject matter that will be delivered when teaching students in class.

Various features in SIDIA

As an educational application aimed at school-age children from elementary to high school, the SIDIA application has various features. Some of the features of this child education application include:

E-book Features

The existence of the e-book feature in SIDIA allows you to access various digital versions of manuals that can be opened via electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. This E-book feature which is composed of text and digital images offers easy access, where you as a user can access it anytime and anywhere. Various subject matter in the SIDIA application is equipped with photos, images, videos, animations and sounds so that the learning process becomes more interesting. E-books in the SIDIA application can be downloaded for free, which can be saved with several file types that you can choose according to your preferences.

E-Learning Features

The E-Learning feature of this child education application can be used as independent learning material by students which can be stored on the computer. With the E-learning feature in SIDIA, it allows easy access to learning materials that can be done by both teachers and students.

E-library and e-book features

The E library feature is useful for those of you who need a variety of learning information. E-library and E-book contain various collections of electronic books in all subjects that you can access easily. The E-library feature can also be used to support the development of library management, which includes planning for the procurement of new books, to dynamically classifying documents. In classifying documents, it can also be adjusted to the needs of each school, and used like a library in general by setting the profile settings of each book or document such as available or not, regulations related to fines, limits for borrowing books, to setting guest and member books.

E–Voucher (Smart Card) Features

This SIDIA educational application is also equipped with a communication media feature that allows communication between application users (students, parents and teachers) with local regional heads (eg Mayor / Regent / Governor), as a means to establish practical and easy communication without the need to open other applications separately.


The existence of the multi-user feature in the SIDIA application allows this application to be accessed by an unlimited number of users. So for those of you who have this application, you don’t have to worry about having trouble accessing it, because the application has been designed to be accessed by many users.


This application gives enough freedom to edit the content created in it. All content in the SIDIA application can be edited, added or updated so that the information contained in it is always developed and up to date.

Unrestricted content

This feature allows you to upload content without any restrictions. The SIDIA application can accommodate thousands to tens of thousands of content. Thus in this application you can get a variety of unlimited information that you can access and get at any time.

The advantages of educational applications that SIDIA has

In addition to the various interesting features above, the SIDIA application has various advantages which of course can make it easier for you as a user of this children’s educational application, including:

  • Has access settings consisting of several user classifications, such as administrators, librarians, guests, leaders, to application user members who have different access menus.
  • Electronic books (e-books) in this educational application are equipped with document attribute features, ranging from book abstracts, ISBN codes, book locations, and other information that can be added dynamically to each e-book document.
  • Equipped with a favorite book report feature. This feature allows you to find out what types of books are accessed the most so that for those of you who need book recommendations, you can
  • look for them in this list of favorite books.
    With the e-library feature, there are other advantages offered by the SIDIA application. Among them are information regarding the number of collections of books or documents that are currently circulating outside, information on the maturity of book borrowing, and the status of each collection of books.
  • Can be used as a media for making quizzes (quiz creator). The existence of this quiz feature allows users to be able to store and organize questions that are used as quizzes. This feature is also equipped with setting the processing date and setting the time limit for questioning. The questions in the quiz can also be edited or added by the teacher and the results can be downloaded and then distributed as learning material for students. The existence of this feature in addition to knowing students’ understanding by giving quizzes, also provides a complete explanation by the teacher at the end of the session.

With the various features and advantages of SIDIA above, this application can be a complete school learning media for all school-age children.

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