Try 15 English Learning Apps for Elementary Children

Try 15 English Learning Apps for Elementary Children- Learn practical English that can be done anytime

Currently, English is a compulsory subject in schools. How to make children fluent in English at home? While at home, Mama always uses Indonesian for daily conversation.

Currently, there are many applications for learning English that can help children hone their English skills.

This application, in addition to helping parents and children, also makes children learn anytime and anywhere. Some applications can even be used when there is no internet connection.

Here are 15 English learning applications for elementary school children that have been summarized

1. Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​Free

Your child will improve vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.

Start free with basic, phrases, sentences, and learn in new words every day. Besides being equipped with interesting pictures, children can also do some tests to see if the child has mastered the previous lesson.

Duolingo is also equipped with audio. This will help the child in the pronunciation of English vocabulary.

2. EASY peasy: English for Kids

This application supports children to learn English through various exercises such as learning vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar as well as pronunciation and spelling.

Their knowledge is built and deepened step by step. In addition, children can create their own flashcards for learning, which makes this app an ideal companion for school lessons.

Depending on the child’s level, the app applies the best learning methods for the child, such as:

  • find word pairs or picture pairs,
  • spelling,
  • translate,
  • listen and understand sentences
  • complete the sentence.

Every child has different abilities and learning speeds. Repetition can strengthen learning. The learning technology in this application records how children learn and adapt to these children.

3. English for Kids – Kids Games

English for kids is an application to learn English effectively. With this free application, children can recognize the English Alphabet, animals, fruits, colors, food, numbers and learn English names in an easy way.

This application is supported by images that interest children to try it. English important perfect language for children’s development. So we need special learning techniques that are interesting for children. Learning while playing is the most fun and effective way for children to learn basic English easily.

This app has 9 topics that revolve around the real life of children such as English alphabet, animals, fruits, colors, careers, transportation, home, food and numbers.

4. Children’s Games: Learn English

Kids Game Application is an application made for children to learn English in an interesting and not boring way.

In this application there are songs that are suitable for learning to speak English so that Mama’s children will definitely like it. To make it easier for children to memorize the songs in the application, there are lyrics and interesting pictures.

All songs are presented in mp3 audio format and can be listened to at any time without depending on an internet connection. While singing, children recognize English words and also learn to pronounce them.

5. Learn English words – with 6000 Words – FunEasyLearn

This application encourages Mama’s child to learn to speak English quickly and fun. Children can choose one of 7 games that are entertaining and unique, children can also learn from this game, Ma.

This application has a feature that allows children to choose topics at random to enhance their learning experience. Consisting of 3 difficulty levels, namely beginner, intermediate, and advanced, this app has a review manager that allows you and your child to evaluate learning outcomes.

Learn English for Kids is an app made for kids to learn English with fun.

This free application provides the most commonly used English in daily life with various categories such as learning like alphabets, numbers, months, shapes, and many more.

There are 2 menus in this app, to learn English and to test memorized words with quality graphics and native speaker voice. The goal is to know how to pronounce words correctly and to practice listening skills.

This app will also add more features like memory games and writing practice to get more fun to learn English for kids.

7. LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

This app offers learning English through animated songs and fun story videos. Safe, ad-free games and activities help children develop through reading, listening, speaking, and grammar.

The animated songs and stories in the app are created by British Council language learning experts and grouped into themes such as fairy tales, classic nursery rhymes and grammar chants. Little ones can also download all the videos to watch whenever they want, even when they are offline!

Each animated video comes with engaging listening and recording activities that encourage the child to say and repeat words from the video, building confidence in speaking over time.

8. Learn English simple Vocabulary for Kids and Beginners

This application is equipped with flash cards and how to pronounce them. It is covers basic the English leangue words for beginners and kids.

Learn English Vocabulary for Kids and Beginners has a simple structure and is easy to use. Offers basic English words with different groups that children can easily use.

To use this application, children do not need to register or pay. After downloading the application, the child does not need the internet to learn. So your little one can study at any time even without the internet.

This application consists of two main parts. The first part teaches basic English words with the help of flashcards. While the second part examines the previously learned vocabulary.

Through this application, children are taught to memorize vocabulary easily so that learning activities become fun.

9. Learn to Spell & Write

This app is an educational game to learn to write, read and improve spelling. Not only for children, the whole family can use this application.

Learn to Spell & Write helps children learn how to spell and recognize words, in English. With cute pictures, this app helps improve his vocabulary skills every day.

Kids and parents can spend time having fun trying to guess the words. With each correctly spelled word, the child earns coins which can be used to unlock other collections of words. When selecting each letter, a sound will appear so the child can learn to pronounce it.

Children and parents can choose between different levels of difficulty according to age. Interesting right?

10. Lingo Junior

LingoTalk is again making innovations to support education in Indonesia. Starting September 25, 2021, LingoTalk launches LingoJunior, a foreign language learning platform aimed specifically at children to teenagers.

With an easy-access and attractive concept, LingoJunior provides fun, dynamic, and personalized learning. This will certainly make it easier for children and teenagers to understand the material presented.

In addition to English for beginners to intermediate levels, LingoJunior also provides lessons in Chinese, Korean, and French.

In addition to features made specifically for the age category of 3-15 years, LingoJunior also emphasizes attractive learning for children with affordable education costs, Ma.

11. Monkey Stories

Monkey Stories app is a complete app that teaches children to listen, speak, read and write in English.

The limited environment that uses English makes the children have no place to practice their abilities.

The learning method provided by ‘Monkey Stories’ takes care of most of these problems. All audio in the app is recorded by native speakers and rated by leading US language experts.

The Monkey Stories application has new content every week so that children don’t get bored easily while learning. Educational game-based learning also makes children “forget” when they are learning.

At an affordable cost, children can learn at any time using different devices such as mobile phones, computers or tablets.

12. PalFish-Picture Books, Kids Learn English Easy

PalFish is an online library of English picture books for all children from ages 2 to 12.

PalFish offers the best online reading experience for kids. Enjoy the best picture books anytime, anywhere, without having to pay.

In addition to books, your little one can learn English through cartoon videos with a variety of selected topics. Such as the world of animals, fairy tales, bedtime stories, to the theme of friendship.

Apart from being a means of learning English, the PalFish application also fosters children’s interest in reading through daily learning.

13. English Conversation

Applications Learn to Speak English is an educational application that helps children in learning to speak English fluently and fun.

In this English learning application, children can watch some examples of daily English conversations, for example at school, at the market or supermarket, or in the park.

Learning English is not difficult, but children must get used to hearing various conversational vocabulary in English. Children can hear and practice examples of existing conversations. For example: greeting, introducing yourself, telling about hobbies, family members, and daily activities.

In this application there are also play modes such as guess the meaning in English and play puzzles.

14. Studycat: Learn English for Kids

The Studycat curriculum combines traditional language courses with fun and engaging English learning games for kids.

Divided into themed topics, Studycat teaches children the basics of language learning such as listening, reading, spelling, and pronunciation. This app also helps children learn English vocabulary and skills.

The Studycat game includes fun conversations in English, using different tones and expressions. This makes it easier for children to learn the intricacies of English pronunciation.

The educational games feature entertaining music, sound effects and cute cartoons, making English lessons fun.

15. Words for Kids

Words for Kids is an educational app for kids, which aims to learn new words and vocabulary. Word for Kids introduces the names of things in English complete with sound. This application introduces object names related to number, alphabet, body part, animal, color, surrounding objects, fruit, profession or color.

This application allows children to learn to recognize the names of various objects easily both orally and in writing. This application is constantly updated, especially in terms of increasing the number of vocabulary.

Well, those are some English learning applications for elementary school children that children can try. Have a good study!

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